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Welcome to Gaming Downloads!

Firstly I would like to say thank you for your interest in becoming staff and helping Gaming Downloads become a better website for everyone. Today I am pleased to announce that we officially have a few staff positions open. The first staff position is Moderator, the second position is Download Reviewer, and the third is Night Mod. See below for application and requirements. 



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  • 1 Introduction Post
  • 5 reviews (You must review at least 5 downloads)


What position are you applying for?:
Do you have website experience?:
If yes, explain a bit about your position:
What is your time zone?
How many hours are you able to spend moderating and contributing?:

Please copy and complete the form in full. If you're accepted, we will comment on your post and send you a PM.

If you meet the requirements, please click here to start a application. Please start off by copying the form above.

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