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[US] God of War (2018) Story Game Saves [CUSA07408]

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About This File

I finished the story and have a Read Me in the download itself, you just need to match up the location, quest and time with the Read Me in order to pop these.
I am also working on all the clean up trophies so I hope to bring you a Complete Save Set, Tigermark has an awesome SaveSet for EU but at the moment GOW can't be re regioned so I am hoping this will help. Thank you all!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SAVE BATCH 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~THE JOURNEY BEGINS - Defend your home from the stranger.

Load Midgard Wildwoods defeat the stranger save, trophy pops after cutscene.

~~~~NICE MOVES - Obtain a runic attack gem.

Load the Midgard Riverpass save and loot the chest to the right to find a runic attack gem. Trophy pops.

~~~~A NEW FRIEND - Survive the Witch's Woods.

Load the save Midgard Riverpass (Collect the white petaled flowers) watch the cutscene trophy pops once you leave.

~~~~BEST DRESSED - Craft an outfit for Atreus
ENCHANTED - Slot an Enchantment into your armor
DWARVEN INGENUITY - Upgrade a piece of armor

Load the save Midgard Brok's Shop and upgrade chest armor for one trophy, put an enchantment in it for another and craft Atreus' armor for another trophy.

~~~~DEATH HAPPENED HERE - Fully explore Veithurgard

Load the save Midgard Veithurgard and loot the chest up ahead the trophy will pop after you loot the chest

~~~~THE BEST MOVES - Fully upgrade a Runic Attack

Load the save Midgrad Volnder Mines and upgrade your runic attack to level 3, trophy pops

~~~~FEELS LIKE HOME - Allow the Light Elves to return home

Load the save Alfheim Lake of Light (Find a way out of the temple) progress through the main door and trophy pops after scene.

~~~~DRAGON SLAYER - Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain

Load the save MIDGARD The Mountain (1:50:0Cool Man (aka Tustin) kill the dragon and trophy will pop.

~~~~TROUBLING CONSEQUENCES - Defeat Magni and Modi

Load the save The Giant's Chisel (4:37:30) Kill the brothers and trophy will pop.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SAVE BATCH 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~HELLO, OLD FRIEND - Retrieve the Blades of Chaos

Load the save Wildwoods (5:39:14) and kill the rest of the enemies trophy pops when they all die.


Load the save Midgard return the heart to Freya (11:58:09) and deliver it to Freya and watch the cutscene it pops after the cutscene.

~~~~ROUND 2 - Rescue Atreus

Load the save Helheim landing (5:07:04) and trophy will pop after the scene.

~~~~QUICK TEMPERED - Fully upgrade your rage.

Load the save Helheim Landing (5:26:06) and loot the rune sealed chest for the last horn, there are 3 seals in the area. Trophy pops when you open chest.

~~~~PAST HAUNTS - Ride the ship out of Helheim

Load the save Helheim landing (5:58:39) and lift the bow of the ship, watch the cutscene then trophy pops.~

~~~~TRILINGUAL - Learn the languages of Muspelheim and Niflheim

Load the save Belly of the Beast (10:10:30) and loot the chest above near Mimir's Eye. Trophy pops.

~~~~TWILIGHT BECKONS - Defeat Baldur

Load the save Thamur's Corpse (10:36:39) Defeat Baldur and watch the 9 hour cutscene, trophy pops.

~~~~LAST WISH - Spread the ashes.

Load the save Jotunheim (10:53:57) Head forward and watch the cutscene, trophy pops.

That's it for now hope to have the rest for you soon!

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